Travel Agency in Norway gives up the fight against the internet

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The family business ”Egersund Travel Ageny” has given up the fight against the internet and closing the door after 41 years in the Travel Industry in Norway. Five employes lost their jobs.

”We have seen it for a long time. Our Turnover has been stable but the income has dropped year by year. We have come to the point when we realize that it is no longer any use to continue our business. The Norwegians chose to buy their vacations and airline tickets on the internet. It is sad but at the same time I feel reliefed,” says Gro Dirdal Øglend the owner of the ”Egersund Travel Agency”.

The question has to be asked: ”Why have you not developed your own online booking site?” ”We are a small and individual Travel Agency with no funds,” answers Gro and adds ”We did not believe that the online booking sites would develope and succeed as well as it has.”

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